In life, there is a difference between fame and impact. At least, there should be. One does not always need to be insanely famous to make a mark, and often impacts on lives are made well behind the scenes or without the attendant ballyhoo of great fame.

Impact, in many ways, becomes inspiration. Inspiration thus becomes a marker that lasts generations, instead of how fame sometimes lasts little more than fleeting instants.

With all the talk about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2021, it sparked some paying attention on my part to the music mixes I…

Trump Impeachment Trial confirms a nation divided by Red, Blue and Yellow

Not merely in Washington D.C., but in every nook and argumentative cranny of America, we are a nation divided by color. In this instance, I speak about the colors of Red and Blue. Never before has America so purposely and, almost with a vengeance, sliced and diced itself into distinct piece. The battle is so intense and deliberate there are times I think the legendary lyricist pundit Tom Lehrer should take time to recon his brilliant “National Brotherhood Week”, which wouldn’t take too much tinkering to make it a 21st century icon.

There is, however, another color that needs to…

The frail, elderly woman sitting in the common room of an assisted living facility in Central Florida. Her life slowly ebbing away, having stopped counting the days long ago. If, due to the ravages of a silent mental affliction, she can even understand the difference between one day and another.

She raises her head, ever so slowly, to acknowledge someone within her space. She could hear the footsteps and see the approaching shoes. Where once there was a vibrant gaze, there is now little more than emptiness in her eyes as she looks at her visitor and prepares to speak…

As with so many others, I’m having serious difficulty in grasping with how to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

“What” to be thankful for comes much easier. Again, like so many of us, I’m thankful for the people I love, the friends I cherish, the two pair of fuzzy encircled eyes that greet me every morning, the relative health I and those around me enjoy. Certainly having to place the word “relative” in that specific space is part of the overall downcast feelings toward what should be at least one day to kick back and watch the world go by.

Veterans Day 2020 is, without question, the saddest memorial to our fallen heroes than I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.

At the moment, all Americans, no matter their passion or prejudice, stand amidst the rubble of what was once a proud nation. We look around, finding the landscape littered with freedoms being crushed, the rule of law being shattered, and the concept of “Home of the Brave and Land of the Free” nothing more than hollow words.

Certainly, I will be assailed by many for knee-jerking or delivering mere hyperbole for the sake of readership or clicks. Far from…

In the wake of Donald Trump being handed his eviction notice from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by a majority of the landlords, a good slice of America finds itself wandering about the virtual information desert desperately seeking a place go plant their textual flag and continue being recognized as part of the screeching conversation that has basically become our daily diet of dirt and discourse.

This is the part of America who believes they have been minimized and unceremoniously shoveled into dark recesses of the overall conversation because they are the only ones daring to tell the truth and expose the…

Phony doctors spout COVID19 propaganda courtesy Breitbart.

I have to write at how dismayed I am with a number of people I have known on and off social media. Some for a long period of time, others for just a few months. Granted, not all my friends emerged in social media. However, as this has become the most convenient manner of staying in touch and holding discussions, let’s start there.

It’s easy, as I have done, to deem some of them intellectually deficient, shockingly ignorant, incredibly dull-witted, politically dangerous and yes, even stupid. Despite what you might think I abhor using that word, and go to great…

I learned many things from my Sainted Granny, that wonderful, loving, red-headed Irish elf. She was a woman of very few well-chosen words. “I have no time for gossip, Edward. It rots the brain like sugar rots the teeth”, she would remind me. This from the wise matriarch who was reading ingredient labels on the side of packaged foods long before it came into vogue, and could have been the epicenter for the eventual war on overloaded salt in our food.

One day, I was telling her about something that happened at school. It revolved around yet another schoolyard “tussle”…

Ed Berliner

Emmy award winning news & sports broadcaster. Keynote/guest speaker & Corporate Trainer focusing on media marketing, leadership & brand.

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